Subsea Services

Wood Group Kenny provides engineering and project management services to its clients for subsea developments right from initial feasibility, through concept selection, front end engineering design, detail design, construction and into operations. We provide a fully integrated system engineering approach that incorporates subsea trees, manifolds, controls and umbilicals, subsea structures, pipelines, risers and vessel interface structures. We have thirty years of experience working on subsea developments across the world, continually stretching our capability for long subsea tieback distances and in the deepest waters.

Design of new developments is typically led by the three Kenny named constituent businesses, that is, J P Kenny, MCS Kenny and MSi Kenny. As flow assurance specialists, MSi Kenny are likely to be involved very early on in projects to determine feasible solutions for transporting the hydrocarbons from the reservoir to the host facility, and continue through the project phases thereafter, ultimately specifying the operating procedures for the development. J P Kenny concentrate on the subsea and pipeline facilities design, while MCS Kenny take responsibility for the riser design. At the project design phases, Wood Group Integrity Management (WGIM) provide specialist materials engineering support and keep the project team alert to the need to incorporate infrastructure for future integrity management assessment in operation.

J P Kenny, with support from the other Wood Group Kenny constituent businesses as appropriate, leads our subsea operations support capability. In many cases, we act on behalf of our clients as the owners operations department. We fix things offshore as necessary, we take responsibility for subsea equipment reliability and maintainability and do what is necessary to keep the development in operation. We pay particular attention to the wellbeing of the subsea control systems and umbilicals, as these are the brains of the subsea system.

WGIM take responsibility for assessing the ongoing integrity of the subsea system in operation. This means identifying and managing offshore inspections, interpreting inspection results and assessing anomalies, assessing current integrity and finding solutions to integrity problems. WGIM has developed advanced software tools to perform updated risk analysis, to track anomalies, to enable it to perform its tasks efficiently and to enable us to demonstrate to our client ongoing integrity of the subsea facility in a transparent manner.

Our scope of services can be described in three categories, as follows:

  • Design and project management of new subsea and subsea tieback developments
  • Provision of ongoing engineering and project management support to fields in operation
  • Ongoing assessment of integrity throughout the life of the development