Risk Management Services

Wood Group Kenny Risk Management Services provides a broad range of specialist solutions to fit the client’s working environment.

We are industry experts in designing, developing and optimising client risk management frameworks; with the aim of ensuring that our clients can finally invest their time proactively managing risk. It is our goal that the services we provide will assist clients in delivering a comprehensive and competitive risk management programme.


Risk Management

Wood Group Kenny offers holistic risk management services through:

  • Providing bespoke customer risk profiling by identifying threats and opportunities to your business.
  • Ability to design, develop and optimise custom risk management frameworks.
  • Provide an autonomous role to facilitate project risk management in coordination with HAZOPs, HAZIDs or ENVIDs.

Value & Decision Management

At Wood Group Kenny we focus on what the client’s value drivers are and the values that underpin them. From this we can identify what decisions are strategic to our clients to ensure logical decision making, resulting in business improvement.

Technical Safety

Wood Group Kenny has developed and refined a number of study types and techniques. RMS has a strong track record in the provision of safety services in the area of offshore / onshore oil and gas industry. In addition, we have experience in chairing, reporting and facilitation of technical review meetings such as HAZOP, HAZID and ALARP workshops. We have the required specialist skills to undertake all types of studies to support Safety Case Development.

Knowledge Management

Wood Group Kenny’s Knowledge Management Services will assist your organisation in:

  • Designing & developing Knowledge Management strategies.
  • Lessons Learned facilitations.
  • Consulting in Knowledge Management systems.
  • Promoting Best Practice.

Reliability Engineering

Wood Group Kenny is committed to achieving the appropriate level of reliability and maintainability throughout the life cycle of projects to give the required availability. We recognise the value of reliability engineering effort during design to optimise asset expenditure.

Assurance Management

At Wood Group Kenny we employ an experienced team of operational assurance professionals to ensure that your projects demonstrate process compliance from concept, through field life to decommissioning and abandonment; with safety, production efficiency, cost effectiveness, asset integrity and future maintenance in mind.