Operations Support

From asset readiness and operations assurance planning in the development phase through to ongoing asset management support, integrity management and infrastructure enhancement, Wood Group Kenny’s Operations Support services ensure the safety, availability and profitability of your offshore and subsea infrastructure throughout its operational lifecycle.

Wood Group Kenny’s Operations Support services bring together qualified, specialist personnel, established systems and processes with over 30 years of industry experience to support our clients in the management of their offshore assets.


WGK is a flexible and adaptive organization that provides Operations Support services to suit clients specific needs. Details on our primary services are shown below:

Operations Readiness

To facilitate a successful handover of a project to operations, operational readiness work commences in the CAPEX phase with the development of a number of systems and documents, ensuring busy operations personnel are quickly up to speed with their new subsea system.

The service covers the development of a number of key items such as:

  • Operational frameworks from integrity to intervention - strategies; plans and procedures;
  • Asset information dossiers – distilling the critical information from design;
  • Preparedness response systems – from reliability assessments to spares management;
  • Implementation / population of asset management systems.

Inspection Technology

Our inspection technology service is independent from suppliers ensuring that appropriate, quality data is obtained in the most effective manner from the selection of internal and external NDE tools, to the set-up of a subsea inspection spread on a vessel.

This service encompasses:

  • Identification of the most appropriate and cost effective inspection technologies;
  • Provision of data recording software and computer hardware systems;
  • Quality control and review of inspection data;
  • Management of inspection campaigns and provision of qualified inspection co-ordinators.

Integrity Management

Integrity Management (IM) ensures asset condition is understood and assets are operated safely. Properly implemented IM preserves asset value, reduces downtime and can minimise the need for costly intervention. Due to unique threats to the integrity of certain assets, IM is typically divided into Well IM, Pipeline IM, SURF IM and Floating Systems IM.

Services include the acquisition, assessment and reporting of various data sets covering the following:

  • Inspection –scope of work preparation, data capture and review, reporting and anomaly management
  • Monitoring – definition and monitoring of integrity envelopes to ensure assets are operating within design conditions to proactively manage system reliability. Covering controls systems, process data and produced fluids.
  • Maintenance – managing and understanding system maintenance data to optimise the performance of the system


Issues or anomalies identified during the operational phase of an asset may require an engineered solution. Our services address issues covering a vast range of topics including:

  • Fitness-for-purpose (FFP) assessments of inspection and monitored data
  • Development of intervention plans and procedures
  • Sea fastening and offshore lifts (design and verification)
  • Engineering of new structures
  • Repair plan execution.

Vessel Management

Vessel management can take a number of formats, from specifying vessel requirements through to engaging suppliers and managing offshore campaigns. Vessels can be managed on behalf of multiple clients to minimise mobilisation costs.

WGK can manage the execution of all inspection, survey and intervention works to safely optimise offshore operations.

Management Systems

Our management systems expertise can provide a flexible approach to service delivery using highly experienced personnel and best in class practices and systems.

Specialist areas include:

  • Planning and scheduling;
  • Information technology;
  • Health, safety and environmental management; and
  • Cost management and estimating

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management service ensures proper management of client equipment, materials and contractor services in a cost effective and ethical manner to optimise operations.

Supply chain management specialities include:

  • Spares Management (including budget setting, planning of preservation and maintenance routines to witnessing testing, FATs and SITs);
  • Procurement Management; and
  • Contract Management.

Technical Assurance

Technical assurance covers issues such as helping operators manage technical safety and regulatory compliance.

Our activities include:

  • Audit, review and continuous improvement of processes and systems;
  • Verification and surveillance services;
  • Participation in integrity and technical review meetings;
  • Operational trouble shooting of systems with flow assurance / production chemistry / process issues or optimisation requirements

Fast Track Project Delivery

Optimised processes for fast track projects to reduce repetition of work, overall cost and significantly reduce the time in bringing production to the market. A single team are responsible for the execution of all project processes integrating engineering, procurement and offshore execution through to handover.

Life Extension / Decommissioning

The life extension process is simplified as many of the services listed above provide the supporting information required to make the case to the regulatory body.

Decommissioning projects can leverage the group’s global knowledge and Decommissioning Centre of Excellence to plan and execute the removal of subsea infrastructure in the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost efficient manner.