Vibration, Dynamics & Noise (BETA)

BETA Machinery Analysis is an engineering consultancy specializing in advanced vibration analysis, a key element in integrity management and reliability engineering for production facilities.

Our services cover design to operation (through life) of both fixed and moving assets in the oil and gas industry and relate to three main areas:

  1. Design engineering to control vibration on moving machinery (compressors, pumps), piping, and support systems (foundations, structures, skids). This can take place during the FEED and detailed design phase for greenfield and brownfield projects
  2. Troubleshooting and monitoring for vibration, stress, and performance
  3. Inspection programs for integrity and HSE requirements (vibration, stress, and noise)

These technical services include mechanical resonance, pressure pulsations, AIV/FIV, structural dynamics, surge, piping stress, torsional and lateral vibration, and other related requirements.

To ensure a complete solution, BETA works as a trusted advisor to the owner’s staff, its Engineering Consultant, OEMs, and equipment packagers.

With almost 50 years’ of experience, we have completed thousands of successful projects, have long term relationships with major customers, and have the “best-in-class” capabilities to address your vibration and dynamic risks.  

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Vibration, Dynamics & Noise (PDF)    
Vibration, Dynamics & Noise (PDF)    


Vibration, Dynamics & Noise (BETA)

  • Vibration, Dynamics & Noise (BETA)

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