Technology Development

Wood Group Kenny develops new technology under the following headings:

  • Through a structured internal T4B (Technology for Business) programme, we continuously invest our own funds into the development of new engineering analysis technologies that ultimately support our engineering design services and enable us to find solutions for our clients on technology challenging projects.
  • Work with our clients to qualify new technology for application in the field and to minimise the technical and commercial risks of first-time application in the field, particularly for offshore oil and gas developments.
  • Work strategically with suppliers of new equipment concepts by bringing our strong engineering know-how and experience to these suppliers, and thus in an objective manner facilitate the introduction of new technology into the industry.

We are proactive in launching and running joint industry projects (JIPs) on an international scale. These JIPs are funded by groups of industry participants that typically include oil companies, engineering and offshore construction contractors, and government regulatory bodies. The project scopes typically involve testing and qualifying new technology, investigating equipment failure mechanisms and failure statistics, developing new analysis technologies and design codes, and preparing industry best-practice guidelines.

Our group technology programme is led by our Group Technology & Engineering Director, Kieran Kavanagh. Kieran is responsible for coordinating technology development across all our constituent businesses, and he achieves this with dedicated technology development teams across the organisation on an international basis.