Most of our businesses develop engineering software through dedicated teams and software business units. We do this for a number of reasons, as follows:

  • It makes our engineering design services capable, leading edge and efficient
  • It enables us to continue to improve our engineering analysis methodologies whereby we can take away unnecessary conservatisms and demonstrate design feasibility for complex and new technologies
  • It provides additional revenue into the business through the sale of our software products to the wider industry


In many cases, our software businesses established themselves in advance of our consultancy services. This means that these businesses stand in their own right and can only survive by continuing to maintain and develop their software on an ongoing basis. Our software is widely used by oil companies, engineering consultancies and contractors, and regulatory bodies across the world. This software is being continuously calibrated and validated against new applications and has developed industry recognition for capability and accuracy in its own right.
The engineering software that we develop has a range of industry applications, as follows:

  • Offshore pipeline lateral and upheaval buckling analysis
  • Multiphase hydrocarbon flow modelling in pipelines
  • Analysis of the dynamic response of compliant risers to seastate environments
  • Software that goes onboard drilling, production and pipelay vessels for riser management and pipeline installation
  • Software that is online pipeline network systems for monitoring and control of internal fluid flow processes in pipelines
  • Software that stores ongoing inspection and anomaly data for an asset through a visual computer created model of the asset, and performs risk analysis and current integrity status assessments on an ongoing basis.


MCS Kenny Flexcom Software

MCS Kenny Flexcom Software

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