Engineering Excellence

Achieving engineering excellence is at the core of all Wood Group Kenny (WGK) businesses. The Wood Group Engineering Excellence Guide was issued in November 2010 and provides a clear framework of how WGK manages and engineers projects, provides technical assurance, provides a consistent approach to service delivery and captures best practice through all phases of a project.

To support the implementation of the Engineering Excellence guideline across all WGK businesses a WGK Technology and Engineering Director has been appointed and a network of Engineering Authorities (EA), Discipline Technical Authorities (DTA) and Subject Matter Experts (SME) have been appointed for each service area and office location. The primary Engineering Authorities are:

SURF & Pipelines
Colin McKinnon

Technology and Advanced Engineering
Paul Jukes

Prabu Parthasarathy

Integrity Management
Kelly Reilly

The main focus of the engineering excellence initiative is the capture of project management and engineering best practice around the group, implementation of a group wide integrity management procedure covering technical assurance and process safety, implementation of a group-wide competency management procedure to ensure all project work is performed by suitably qualified, trained, and experienced personnel, alignment of the quality management systems of the individual operating company to give greater consistency, and improved knowledge management including a major upgrade to the WGK intranet.